Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Entry #269

Productive training day. Attempted 295 lbs for a single on the bench press after warming up on the speed bag and the punching bag, but only managed to get the bar up half-way before my spotter took over. He commented on how close I was. Also raised the weight for weighted dips, with a 45 and a 35 attached to the belt, all for 10 reps. I managed to make use of the broken equipment; the hook to link it to the chain is still intact, but the fastener to lock it in place is long-gone. It still held up, and if anything it forces me not to swing around so much.

Later I worked rounds on the heavy bag using the 4 oz. gloves. My legs were still feeling it from the sprinting yesterday everytime I kicked. It's not the muscles that are sore, but the joints meeting by the groin area. Did not affect performance, however. Cardio has improved by a lot.

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  1. Keep up the good work.  Cardio is so much fun sometimes.