Friday, April 21, 2006

Entry #265
Box squats again. Boring stuff. I did Romanian deadlifts after for 8 at 225 lbs. Stood on the box for a greater ROM. Should go heavier next time. Also did shrugs for 12 reps with 335 lbs. I attempted an overhand grip, but that failed by rep 4, so I had to quickly switch to over under. Awesome grip training. Screw wrist curls, my forearms got more pumped from shrugs than anything else. The 100 lb dumbbell shrugs felt light as hell after using the loaded barbell. By the way, they haven't replaced the broken weight belt yet. What a cheap piece of equipment. I could hardly believe it when it snapped in half.

Muay thai is on Monday. And, I'm still at 210 lbs. I love creatine for this.

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