Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Entry #258
Put out 345 lbs for singles on squats. At the end of the session I managed seven wide-grip pull-ups, a one rep improvement, consecutively going down to six and then five reps. My fresh rep range for ordinary pull-ups is 17 still, despite the weight gain. No cardio today, but tomorrow for sure. I need to go lifting earlier so I have time later in the evening.

I'm also planning on ordering a cheapie battery-operated blender off of eBay so I can make a shake immediately upon walking out of the gym and into the car, rather than waiting five minutes until I get home. The definition of paranoid.

And if all goes accordingly, muay thai lessons are up for Friday.


  1. Hopefully the blender is glass.  Otherwise the protein will stick to plastic.
    Have you considered just taking some of your powder in a water bottle, mixing it at the gym with a shaker bottle, drinking it there, and the rest at home?

  2. My current one is already plastic. I find that the only thing that sticks to it was the MASS weightgainer. It's never a problem for me with just whey (probably because the scoops aren't nearly as big).I do that sometimes. The dextrose and maltodextrin form white clumps instead of mixing in. Just an annoyance of mine.