Friday, April 7, 2006

Entry #256
Box squats went well. Increased barbell shrugs to 295 lbs for 10 reps. Attempted a standard snatch grip. By the third set my hands were failing; I had to go for an overhand/underhand grip to even lift the bar. A great grip exercise.

Later on, I did HIIT at the high school. It was pouring. I brought along my jump rope. There was no real order to what I did, however. It was a mix of sprinting, jump roping, and lots of shadow boxing.


  1. Mixing cardio is awesome.  Keeps me from being bored.
    Is your shadowboxing getting smoother?

  2. Yeah, but I have some awkward transitions at times. The instructor at the Academy thankfully didn't think I had any bad habits or anything from starting out self-taught.I've made huge strides in footwork, though, and shifting my weight. In my spar with Todash/Malcom a few years back it looked like I was having a spazz attack in the videos.