Sunday, April 2, 2006

Entry #252
Finally, final bulk pictures. Highest body fat percentage I've been at. Unfortunately, I don't have pre-bulk pictures in the same poses that would make for fair comparison. Note to self: take pictures outside next time so objects aren't construed with my form and lighting is more consistent. My camera randomly takes pictures dark.

6'0, 210 lbs:

Just for fun:

Begin cut phase. Will update after HIIT tonight.


  1. You are like literally a whole new person.  Fuckin' awesome work man.  That bodyshot kinda reminds me of how I'm built, but I wouldn't wanna insult you by comparing you to me =P
    Good luck on the cut.

  2. Awesome gains, hopefully I'll be up past 200 sometime next year. What was your pre-bulk weight?

  3. Thanks for the motivating words, I appreciate it. I owe you, Jared.I was 160-165 in that picture, Reaper. The weight came a lot faster once I had gotten on creatine.

  4. Damn my fucking arm, these pictures mare making want to get training more than ever. Nice work thar, Bloodfist.

  5. Dude, massive. You barely gained any fat at all, nub.