Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Entry #247
I've decided to take a week-long hiatus from lifting to allow my body to recover. The aforementioned shoulder issue is a part of it, and I'm still feeling stress in my lower back from the deadlifts two weeks ago. I really am against switching routines at this point, as I was planning to. I've made better strength gains the last three months than I have in an entire year. Perhaps overloading my body like that is to blame, but this routine is awesome, and I look forward to resuming it next week. 'Sides, I always come back stronger after a long-term (1 or 2 week) break. The challenge is to keep my meal plan consistent. I also plan on regular muay thai training, as always.

Also, I recieved my Hori Real Arcade Pro stick in the mail today. I plan on entering some arcade tournaments near me. It set me back $130, but it rules for Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter.


  1. You'll definately come back stronger next week! I know it is hard to keep up a meal plan when not training. Good Luck!

  2. Glad to hear that you're gonna get some regular MT training.  Hopefully it won't be strain on you while resting.