Saturday, March 11, 2006

Entry #246
Shoulder is as shitty as ever. Contemplating on switching to a bodybuilding-oriented routine next week to give heavy bench pressing a break. Perhaps isolating the problem area will resolve the issue. It only hurts on the first few sets, but that's enough for me. Today may have been only a speed bench day but I raised the weight on every assistance lift. Due to circumstances beyond my control my ride home was delayed, so I had extra time to waste. I concentration curled the hell out of my biceps. Fun-ness ensued.

I also jumped on the scale for a quick read, fully-clothed, and it read 214. Yeah fucking right. We'll see next week. Had to be broken (hope not). But it was a welcome number. I've been having mood swings all day for no particular reason, especially in the weight room. I kept myself in check in front of everyone, though. If nothing else angst is a good placebo effect on lifting.

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