Friday, March 3, 2006

Entry #242
Back in training mode. I took a few days off due to some school stuff I
had to take care of. As of today I've resumed the five minute warm-up
jog that I decided to get rid of a few weeks ago. Ever since I stopped
doing it I've had shoulder pain during bench press. It's probably no
more than a coincidence, but this literally started up on the exact day
I got rid of the jogging. Consequently I want to see if this'll
actually help the problem. I've never had any sort of problems in the
past. Box squats felt good, but I had to fight the ego to go heavy.
Gotta stick to the routine.

I've got some money saved up for a car of my own. I long for the day
when I can attend muay thai as often as I'm able to lift (as the gym is
in walking distance).

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