Monday, February 13, 2006

I just got my wisdom teeth removed and it was awesome. My blood was
convulsively shooting out of my mouth. I talked to the doctor about my
situation and she said I can still eat steak and good food, but I can't
eat popcorn and candy for a while. Which I never do anyways. I'm also
refusing pain medication. Gym should still be up for tomorrow. The only
downside is that I can't eat anything until the bleeding stops, so
this'll make it about 5 hours or so going without a meal.

UPDATE: Five hours later, and the numbness has worn off. I don't really
care about the pain, but my gums are still bleeding and I can't eat
until they stop. I'm glad I stuffed my face in the morning. Five meals
at most today.


  1. Leme know how it affects your training.  I'm gonna get mine pulled someday.

  2. You're not supposed to do any exercise for a few days or even weeks afterwards, but I'm having trouble convincing myself to obey it.