Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Entry #240
Deadlifts today were at 365 lbs for singles, although I did it twice on
the first set. I wanted to do an even 405 lbs with four plates on each
side, but I don't want to go faster than what my body can cope with.
I'm taking it in slowly.
Weight is more or less the same, in the 205 range. Must make sure not to slack off.
I'm really hoping to get in the boxing gym tomorrow.


  1. No, it's the same place. I just called it that because it has so many rings and punching bags inside.

  2. you know what.......you're really nice to me.

    i was just kinda thinking about all my friends on AN...and you're one of the nicest. you even traded names with me...and you're a guy.  thats so adorably sweet.

    ~LOVE YA, AUTUMN!!           XD