Monday, February 13, 2006

Entry #236
I just attempted a set of push-ups, and sure enough, my mouth was
bloody by the tenth rep. The involuntary tension that the jaw is placed
under is what's causing the problem with exercising. Solution for
tomorrow: bodybuilding day. Nothing too heavy, no compound movements,
nothing where I'll be under and supporting anything, and no pushing
exercises; all isolation stuff. I think I'll
do a super-set day of triceps and biceps with forearms at the end.
Obviously the tricep portion will be various extensions rather than
push sequences. It'll A. give my problematic
shoulder joints a chance to recover from all the unprecedented heavy
benching I've been doing lately (maybe I've been doing too much too
soon? I've increased the poundages every week), B. be easy on my mouth,
and C. just be
a fun change of pace.
Obviously real fight training is out for now, but I plan on doing some
form practices at the very least. Next week should go as scheduled. I'm
also feeling pretty lightheaded, maybe from all the blood loss. I think
my multivitamin pack will be a life-saver for bedtime.