Saturday, February 11, 2006

Entry #235
Shoulders have been hurting when I bench press. It gets better after a
few sets, though. It's actually the joint, not the delt muscle. Hasn't
affected lifting ability at all. Hopefully
these two days of rest from lifting, coupled with stretching routines,
will solve the problem. I suspect it's a result of less-extensive
warm-up sets that this program calls for. Perhaps it would do me good
to add in some high rep sets at the beginning next time. Or I can
increase my jogging length. I usually jog on the treadmill for three
minutes prior to lifting, just to raise my body temperature. The
swinging motion of my arms probably does more good for warm-up than
running itself, though. I plan on
getting a lot of bagwork done these following days.
Ideally I'll get a ride to BJJ and muay thai class.
Additional notes: the other day, rather than "Oblique work" as listed
on the routine, I opted for crunches, and instead of "Neck work" I
worked my traps with heavy shrugs. Just a couple of alterations I made
to it. I used to swear by oblique exercises (back in my bodybuilder days, strangely enough) and I hate them now.

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  1. Yeah, running won't do much good for a warm-up just because it's not affecting the parts of your body that need it.  Maybe jump rope if you do it in a swinging motion, but I think the speedbag might be a good warm-up for the shoulders.