Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Entry #230
I plan on recording the lifts for the initial week of this powerlifting routine for future reference.

Squats: 4 warm-up sets; 15, 10, 3, 3 reps (45lbs, 135lbs, 225lbs, 295lbs)
4 sets, 1 rep (315lbs)
Hyper extensions: 4 sets; 10, 10, 8, 8 reps (35lb plate over head, 45lb plate over head)
Weighted crunches: 4 sets; 12 reps (50lbs on chest)
One-armed dumbbell rows: 4 sets; 8 reps (70lb dumbbells)

Squats felt strong. Should go heavier next time. Actually, everything felt kind of light. Because the workout is shorter, I should up the weight next time since stamina isn't going to be an issue. I really regret that my gym doesn't have any bar chains or anything. I was reading about it on the West-Side site and it sounds like a cool technique. Then again, it's a miracle that this place even has free weights.

This is a busy week. I really need to get my ass into BJJ/muay thai class. It'd work so much better if the place was open on the weekends. I'll have to manage my time better.

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  1. I believe they talk about making your own chains on that site if you're really spunky about it.
    Yeah, that blows it's not open on the weekends.