Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Entry #225
Every consecutive training session results in an improved aspect over
the previous one. Gains are good. Double-group routines are my new
favorite. After this week I'll be switching to a Westside program. Meal
plan has been extremely consistent for the past month or so. I should
break 210 soon (relatively speaking, at least). I've also been helping
George with his weight training. Consequently I should have a stronger,
more vicious sparring rival come spring break. They grow up so fast.
Shadowboxing in the mirror has proven to be a valuable training aid for my jabs.
And just a side-note: stop turning the fans on in my face in the weightroom. Seriously. If you want to cool off, don't train.

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  1. we the lay u requested it is called warriors journey
    hope u like
    <3 shizzat_layz