Friday, December 30, 2005

Entry #213
Will be starting a new routine come Monday. Thanks go to Jared for clueing me in on it.
Making a habit of waking up earlier so I can fit another meal or two
in. Yeah, the time frame is the same since I'm going to bed earlier,
too, but I can't cook or use the blender late at night.
Muay thai lesson is tomorrow.


  1. What is Muay thai?

  2. Is this your first MT lesson? I remember you saying you were gonna get one, but never posted about it.Glad you like that routine. How much MA training are ya doin' nowadays? I had to cut down my lifting to avoid overtraining, but when I get to school, I'll be giving that a go.

  3. Muay thai's a martial art style.The other time turned out to be more BJJ and review. I didn't have the schedule at home. I got the time right but not the class haha. Officially? It's MA training twice a week because the first few classes are free, and I don't have the benefits I'll have soon (ie open gym). I still use the bag on my own but I haven't felt the need to cut down lifting yet.