Thursday, November 24, 2005

Entry #201
Gym may have been closed for Thanksgiving, but I had an awesome all-day
training session today at my own place. Raised my heavy bag so I'd
always be hitting the hardest part on boxing drills. Shins are sore and
knuckles are bleeding. I did:
8 3-minute rounds of boxing drills. 60 seconds rest in between.
Food break, watched UFC videos.
5 3 minute rounds of muay thai drills. 60 seconds rest in between.
Food break, UFC videos.
Sprints to Los Gatos High School and back. Lost count of quantity.

Later that night, 3 sets of push-ups to failure. Didn't bother
counting. This day didn't really have any organized structure, so it
looks kind of random in writing.

Afterwards I stuffed my face and watched Dragonball Z. Some things never change.


  1. hey a 13 going 14 year old and im impressed with your results. can i ask for the routine you do..i want to know so that i know wat to do in the WEIGHT ROOM at high school. you graduating this year (8th) abd i just want the results you got. please help me..oh and if you know another person (xanga) that i can get advice from... PLEASE LET ME KNW IN MY COMMENTS OR GUESTBOOK. please help me i want AWESOME results with sculpting and muscle. thank you my xanga is DOLPHDIGI

  2. FUCKING DBZ!! w00t!!
    lol good shit with those sprints and nice training schedule for thanksgiving. My ass didn't do shit. mmmm...Turkey...Felt like I was gonna have a cow. Definitely check out the AKA, I've heard nothin but good shit about them. I did my first Muay Thai sparring session on Wednesday with some crazy skilled russian guy. I didn't understand much of what he was saying because he doesn't speak english to well and the mouthpiece got in the way. But he blocked my left kick and kicked me in the neck one good time and said something like "up your hands." My hands never went that far down for my kicks again. Got a black eye sparring with the tallest Asian guy I've ever met. Abs got a good workout. Sparred w/ my buddy and couldn't stop smiliing. Every time he caught me with something I'd return back really quick and hard. Was good fun.
    Train hard.

  3. DBZ for life.....Hit me back, as it's been a while.