Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Entry #199
Good gym day. Gained a pound. Benched 215 for 5 reps then 2 sets of 225
for 4 reps (needed help from spotter on the last repetition of 225).
Chugged an entire gallon of water, and finished off with a speed bag
session for a cool-down. That damn thing is so easy now. You can
literally master it in a few days
I was sitting down with my arms folded during gym, and when I stretched
my arms out my biceps had left imprints in my forearms from being
pressed into them. Yeah, that was the highlight of my day. Not really.

I made this for my signature in a messageboard when I was bored.


  1. Water is the magic potion of awesomeness.

  2. Stop talking shit about the speed bag, tool.If you're so good, do this:http://media.putfile.com/Speed-Bag-Research