Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Entry #187
Today was unorthodox and very bodybuilderish. I underestimated my
ability and found myself able to complete 8 reps of a weight I was only
supposed to do 5 in. I'll be more organized once I settle on a proper
strength program. Already have a number of good options to choose from.

Crushed my fingers with a 105lb dumbbell, but it seems to be alright
now. It was bleeding everywhere over there, though. To anyone who goes
to Pinnacle gym: I cleaned up after myself.


  1. I think I'm gonna stick to the M&F workout we were doing, with some slight modifications. It was way fun, and I got some great gains.

  2. Really, I suffered a back injury at the start of it and got unorganized after that, so I never really got to benefit from it. I liked how it had different variations of bench and squats, though...those really killed me. Have you ever done one of the Westside routines?

  3. ewww lance you got blood on me!

  4. Nah, the westside routines are too focused on getting numbers on the big lifts. I only got into PLing for the strength benefits, not so that I could brag about my bench =P

  5. aww lance!! its been too long. lol ive missed so many entrys! how have u been doing?

  6. Hey you i havnt talked to u in like FOREVER!! I am so sry mi dads bein a bigger dick....Long ass story but he tried punching me in the face wen all i said was parents shoulnt be callin their kids stupid.   <3 Hannah