Monday, October 17, 2005

Entry #186
Deadlifted 315lbs for 5 reps. Felt strong, maybe could have done more,
but I want to be safe going into a weight I've never done before. Back
injuries are the worst. Deadlift seems to be my best lift since I seem
to adapt to new weight relatively fast compared to bench and squat. I
expect to break 400lbs in no time.

Getting more sleep time in. Hell, I gotta go bed right now.


  1. "I eat yo asshole alive, bitch!"-Mike TysonWords of wisdom.Anyway, it's looking good dude. My routine calls to get a weight that is within 4-6 reps on deadlifts. I never go over 6 reps, even if it's easy. If I get 6 reps on both sets however, it means that I need to raise the weight. I'm still getting 6 reps the majority of the time now, and every workout I add 10 more pounds but I can still manage 6 reps. It's not ridiculously easy or anything, either.

  2. nice lance, you're liftin big!