Friday, September 30, 2005

Entry #175
Upgraded to the 85 lb dummbells for 8 reps of dumbbell press.
Definitely gonna go for the 90s next time. It'll be interesting to see
how this affects my bench press. Meal plan is staying strong, but I
think I can go for larger meals for dinner.
Practiced more shadow boxing along with some tae kwon do kicks. I need
to learn decent footwork during my striking game. Some official lessons
should help me out in this area. They can't come soon enough.


  1. You might want to consider doing at least one set of bench press along with your dumbbell press if you're looking to improve your numbers. Part of lifting is the right motor skills and coordination. If you only do dumbbell press, you'll get good at it, but when you try to bench, you'll have the strength to do 250, but only the coordination to do 220.Hell, switching from standard to olympic tends to bring down my numbers by 10-20lbs.And yeah, footwork is key, and I don't feel TKD kicks mesh well with boxing footwork. You would hafta get good at stance swapping.

  2. Yeah dude! When I did only dumbell benching for 4 weeks, my barbell bench went down a lot. However, now that I'm barbell benching again, once I regain coordination I will probably be benching way more than I was.

  3. I've been doing dumbbell pressing for 5 sets, and then incline bench press for 4 after that. But I'm thinking the reason why your numbers go down when doing Olympic is because the bar weighs, what, 25 more pounds than standard?Fax, the reason I switched is because my military press increased by a substantial margin when I switched it to overhead dumbbell press for a few months.

  4. How is benching with a standard different than a Olympic? I know the O bar weighs more, but wouldn't you just put more weight on a standard bar? All I've ever benched with is an Olympic.
    Do you have someone handing you the weights when you do your dumbbell presses?

  5. Yeah, that's what I was saying. I've never benched with a standard either, but I would imagine it's a bit easier since it's shorter and there's less to stabilize.I don't have anyone handing me the weights. I keep the dumbbells on the rack, and when it's time to lift, I carry them to the bench, rest them on my knees for a few seconds, and then kick my knees up while lying down to bring the dumbbells over me with minimal effort (to save my energy for the actual lift itself).

  6. That's the point. Standard is a bit easier to stablize, creating a different sensation. It's also a different feel. It's a bit difficult to describe, but try it out.

  7. What the hell are standard bars? You mean those cheap weight sets they sell at sportmart and the like? The handles are a LOT skinnier, which makes it much easier.