Thursday, September 22, 2005

Entry #169
Gonna get more serious with bulking. I'm gaining weight too slowly.
It's been well over a year. Packed on 20 lbs of muscle with no visible
fat. But I need to make more progress. And my endurance is crap right
now because I've been doing minimal cardio by bulking for so long.

Changing my post-workout shake from weightgainer to something more
specific. Ordered dextrose and maltodextrin which arrived yesterday.
Gonna save the weightgainer for the morning and to eat with dinner.


  1. Sounds like a plan. My favorite dirtybulking treat was to use strawberry milk with my weight gainer. That stuff is loaded with calories. 2 cups adds 400 cals to your shake. Also has some decent protein and carbs too.Otherwise, just gotta go dirty. Can't worry too much about definition. You'd be amazed how easy it is to shed all the fat off.Good luck.

  2. Most of the carbs in weightgainers are composed from maltodextrin.

  3. Maltodextrin is what you should be getting your carbs from in your shake along with dextrose.

  4. Potatoes, rice, and vegetables are what you should be getting your carbs from, RONNIE.

  5. Solid food absorbs too slowly for immediate post-workout nutrition. And I'm Jay, you can be that freak Ronnie.