Monday, September 12, 2005

Entry #165
Rough day today. I still wasn't over my back pain, which I've had since
Thursday along with my sore legs. It was a lot better today compared to
Monday, so I figured I was good to go. Was all hyped up for a tough
deadlift day. Set the weights with 315 lbs on the bar, and as I was
pulling it up for the lift, I felt a sharp pain in my left m. teres
muscle (upper back). I realized I had better not let my ego cause me a
permanent back injury. Took off a plate on each end, which made it 225
lbs. I did 4 repetitions before I felt the pain again, and by then I
decided I was done. An injury will just set me back and won't allow me
to train. I'm all for being tough and macho, but in this case, better
safe than sorry, as much as I hated to admit it.

I just did bicep curls today, along with wrist curls. Lots of bodybuilding stuff.


  1. Oh my, definitely don't train a sore muscle group. I mean, don't train them hard. Sometimes a lighter workout helps the muscles recover. 225lbs. is still alot. Maybe you should have backed it down a little more.
    My mom claimed that the only reason that she wrote the paper was because if was an easy subject to write about. What kind of sick-minded mother writes about how she hates her daughter?

  2. guess what! I just learned how to give massages! so let me massage those muscles, mister!