Friday, September 9, 2005

Entry #162
Was unable to update last night due to internet problems. Here's how training went:

Warm-up squats: 3 sets; 10, 6, 3 reps (45 lbs, 135 lbs, 185 lbs)
Squats: 3 sets; 6 reps (245 lbs)
Narrow-stance squats: 2 sets; 8 reps (155 lbs - muscles hurt at this point)
Wide-stance squats: 2 sets; 8 reps (155 lbs)
Heavy machine gun...I mean, heavy leg curls: 4 sets; 8 reps (120 lbs)
Leg press: 3 sets; 12 reps (500 lbs)
Light leg curls: 2 sets; 10 reps (90 lbs)
Standing calf-raises: 2 sets; 10 reps (320 lbs)
Seated calf-raises: 2 sets; 12 reps (185 lbs)

For squats I usually use a cushion on the bar so it's more comfortable
on my shoulders. My spotter, Ryan, told me to I have to "Get serious
and quit using the tampon for your shoulders." From now on I'm just
using the bar itself. It's better because the cushion caused the bar to
be too high over my shoulders. But now my shoulders are scratched up
and bleeding. A fair trade-off, I say.

Today I couldn't really walk. I hung out with George but I kept up my
diet of eating as much as humanly possible. We played Contra. It counts as training. It's
mental training.



  2. you should check this out, it reminded me of you:

  3. I agree with Ryan, the plain bar is better. I've always had a love/hate relationship with leg training, I hate it because it's so intense and takes so much out of you, and I love it because it's so intense and and takes so much out of you plus it just feels so dang good. Keep up the good work.

  4. yup sounds like a hard workout , i need to get into my legs too , i heard it ups your testosterome too , so i might just work them harder now ! hit me up dude! hope you doing good

  5. It's cool that we're on the same program.  It's a decent one, although I think I'm gonna go with a personally designed one next time.

  6. Hah thanks for the video, and comments