Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Entry #159
Weighed in at 180. Gain of 2 lbs. I don't think it's fat. But it's
surprising because my diet has not been going very well the past few

Started new routine today. Benched 195 for 6 reps, no spotter. I
wasn't making good gains doing 225lbs for 2 -3 reps. After I finish the
8-week program I'm going to start the harder one. That one is insane,
let me tell you. I've never had to train for a training routine, but
this is definitely it haha. Can't wait.


  1. what do they have you do that is so hard? More sets with less rest or something?

  2. Congrats on the weight gain. It's always exciting to gain muscle. Keep training hard

  3. It has this method of holding the weight in mid-rep for 6 seconds, then continuing. Then on the second rep, holding it for 5 seconds, and so on. And you know the lockout at the top of a rep is the easy part, it's in the middle of the rep that gives you trouble. Also has a bunch of Olympic lifts in it, like power cleans.

  4. Knowing that there's people as hardcore as you are really is one of my biggest motivations. Training for a training routine is hardcore to the max!

  5. Pausing is very difficult, I do it on almost every exercise. Some people will try and tell you that you're just exhausting your type IIb fibers, but in reality you're stimulating your muscles for more strength and mass gains. Keep it up.