Saturday, August 20, 2005

Entry #153
Training was satisfactory, except for perhaps the essential factor: no
lifting today. Not to say that weightlifting is more
important than skill and technique refinement in regards to martial
arts training, but it sure as hell is the most addicting part of it.
Still constructing a new powerlifting routine which I should start on
Monday if everything goes accordingly.

As my arm muscles have gotten more developed my flexibity has
decreased. Noticed this during several stretches. Will make a habit of
stretching from now on after weightlifting sessions to lengthen the
contracting muscle fibers.

Note to self: get strong and huge and freaky as hell. Sounds like a plan.


  1. lol, oh lance..don't do this to me!
    I guess that does make sense though that you would lose flexibility in your arms while they're being strengthened...hmm, makes me think.

  2. Heh, what happens is that when you lift heavy, the muscle fibers contract as a defense mechanism in order to compensate for the strain on them, and thus you get stiff. Stretching afterwards lengthens them and loosens them up and you'll stay flexible.
    Don't worry Chelsea, if you get as big as Arnold you can still be flexible, especially since you wanted to do cheerleading.

  3. I liked your note to self... I will make the same one for myself as well