Sunday, July 31, 2005

Entry #140
Did squats at 265 lbs today. Gonna go for 275 lbs and stick with that
for a little next time, until I'm stronger. My spotter commented that I
went really deep. I've been going down as far as possible.

Meals have been going very well the past few weeks. Haven't slacked off at all.

Check out Alex Fedorov. He trains in a cemetary in Russia. His
comment on Gold's Gym: "Everyone flexes, but nobody lifts." His article
was awesome. Wow, now my profile picture looks puny with this guy on
here. Haha, cool.



  1. You two looked pissed. Lol. Yeah man, I read that article with him in FLEX magazine where he talked about training in a graveyard. Lol. Anyways, he's got forearms that are almost bigger than his arms. Lol. He does have a very big structure, but, it's kind of blocky and he has a big waist. Oh well though, he's bigger and better than me. For now anyways. Congrats on your squats man and meals man. Peace. -Spence.

  2. You know, i never noticed you do look pissed in your picture. lol anyways it awesome. good luck with being the strongest guy in the world. truely. And u know i thought u were kiddding about that kid you sent me pics of but he was on 20/20 friday i was just like omg. so yeah wow. just letting u know lol

  3. congrats on the squats dude....i think the most ive done sets w/ is like 250..and i read a couple entries back tht u were doin 3 sets w/ 225..thts kewl..last time i did bench i did 3 sets w/ 205 so u got me

  4. please don't make your muscles that's scary!
    what do you eat?

  5. That dude is pretty beastly. Good job on the squats

  6. Just about everyone 'cept Ronnie and a few others look puny next to him.Congrats on the squats.