Thursday, July 21, 2005

Entry #133
Deadlifts up to 245 lbs. Wanted to go more but I've never gone this high. I'll raise it slowly but surely.

Also weighed in at 181 lbs. Gained 2 lbs, none is fat.

There's a throwdown coming up on August 16 in Berkeley. George and I
will be fighting in it. George isn't having much training time
right now, but the trade-off is he's a counselor at summer camp yelling
(in Russian) at little kids. Hehe he reads them military books.


  1. Glad to hear about the weight gain. Hope it sticks. Hope the throwdown goes well as well. Sadly I won't be here to hear about it.

  2. what is the throwdown, is it MMA? Is it like a toughman competition?

  3. It's just a bunch of martial artists getting together somewhere for some sparring and competition. You should come

  4. Definately go for the weight! Just don't overdo it, you don't want an injury. Congrats on gaining the weight!