Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Entry #129
My friend and I traded videos of us shadow-boxing so we could compare
techniques. I never realized how stiff and poor my stance is. Blame it
on being self-taught. My punches were fast and hard, but I still need
to work on more fluid combinations. I also need to work on faster
kicks. Before I kick I instinctively prepare by switching into a tae
kwon do stance. The attack can be seen coming a mile away. I need
to work on snapping a decent kick from a better stance.

I also figured while I was filming I might as well take a picture:


  1. Damn bro, you look cut as hell. I like the idea of having someone else watch a video of shadow boxing.

  2. no I do my deadlifts with a normal barbell

  3. Hey. Gah you never comment anymore. But i still do. I guess i get bored so friggin easy. ah well. no one is home, guess i better go. oh hey and your looking great. i didnt know that you actually taught yourself. thats pretty cool.

  4. You look great!!!
    Yeah Bob really comes in around 3 to 4 times a day. He normally doesn't buy anything besides an Medium unsweet iced tea. He'll sit in a booth and yell up to the counter talking to us for anywhere to twenty to forty-five minutes at a time. The other day he tried to kiss me though. To say the least, I was grossed out and horrified. He didn't show his face today though!!

  5. Hey random comment u have a cool xanga*~