Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Entry #125
Weighed in at 177 lbs today. It seems that I'm having difficulty
getting past 180. I'm getting a lot stronger, however, and that's what
really matters to me.

Bench pressed 215 lbs today. 3 reps. I can do 235 lbs for
1 rep so it would seem I should be able to do more than just 3 with 215
lbs. Perhaps endurance work with push-ups can help in this area.


  1. Damn, I haven't trained at all in what seems like forever (probably has been a pretty damn long time too). You're gonna whomp me next time we spar.

  2. I did 215 for one last chest day.
    That's awesome, considering your weight.

  3. Im the same weight as you.. ivv been bulking for 3 months trying to get to around 195 and eat at least 3200 cals a day and cant get any weight on. Im getting strong for sure..but i just cant add weight? Anyway..just ran across your site.. good luck dude. later.

  4. I've been stuck around the 196 area for weeks now and can't seem to reach my 200 goal. Good job on the bench press.

  5. I don't know Malcom, you probably have more technique than me. And you outweigh me. We'll have to see haha.
    Cosmic, 3200 calories sounds kinda low if you're bulking and especially if you're a hardgainer. I eat at least 4,500 and I think I need to bump it up a little bit.
    Thanks, I'm trying to break 200 but you're a lot closer.