Sunday, July 3, 2005

Entry #124
Squat day. Turns out I counted wrong last time: my squats were at 245
lbs, not 255. So today I raised the weight to 255 lbs. Didn't feel any

Squats: 5 sets; 12, 10, 5, 5, 5 reps (135 lbs for warm-up sets, 255 lbs for last three sets)

Leg press: 4 sets; 10, 8, 8, 8 reps (300 lbs warm-up, 600 lbs last three sets)

Horizontal wide-stance leg press (smith machine was taken, couldn't
do squats on it): 2 sets; 8 reps (400 lbs -- the highest the machine
could go)

Leg extensions: 4 sets; 8 reps (180 lbs)

Leg curls: 4 sets; 8 reps (120 lbs)

In between sets I used the speed-bag. I find it helps loosens up
muscles and helps with lactic acid build-up. Hmm, that was
my excuse for practicing nunchaku, too. Hey, it's a valid
reason. I'm getting much much faster with the speed bag also,
for what it's worth (nothing). Seriously, a few weeks ago I couldn't do
more than a few hits with it; now I'm pounding it like Rocky. No wonder
Em called it "boxing mastUrbation" [edited].Ended with a short speed bag session.

Home: flexibility stretches, light kicking drills, and three rounds of shadow boxing.


  1. Speed bags are also nifty to practice headkicks on.

  2. I ate a lot of babies today. My workout was great...
    If only the Fridge Gnome wasn't being such a tool....

  3. You're gonna berate me over misspelling something that I didn't know anything about? =P

  4. Who says I know anything about mastorbation? All I know is it's for weak people

  5. Yeah, but I'm sure you've at least heard/used the term before =PAnd I don't quite see how masturbation makes someone weak...

  6. Also, my misspelling of cassante was a misspelling of the word "Caseinate" anyway...I was a few letters off =P

  7. Mastarrbation is linked to sex, which is the fighter's worst enemy.
    Besides, I was one letter off. Let's call it even.

  8. isn't a fighter's worst enemy. Sex can be very valuable in training if used appropriately.

  9. It's my worst enemy, at least
    This I gotta hear. How is it valuable?

  10. Has an impact on testostorone production and the act releases endorphines.

  11. Hah I know. This was really just a scheme to get more comments.