Monday, June 27, 2005

Entry #119
Calories today = 4,864
Current weight = 176 lbs

I need to eat more so I intake about 6,000 a day. Glad I calculated this tonight.

Today consisted of 8 rounds of boxing on the heavy bag.
Afterwards, 10 minutes of kicks on the same bag (would be nice if I had
a banana one for kicks). Stretching after squats did a lot
yesterday; last time I couldn't walk the next day, today I'm a little
sore but am able to run and kick fine. Working on conditioning my
shins. I've primarily been practicing side-kicks in the air, but I
should work on the bag more for kicking. Afterwards practiced
flexibility exercises and stretching.

Wednesday I'm going to check Cung Le's school in San Jose (
If that doesn't turn out good I'll go with Rey's Muay Thai
place. But I have to say it would be cool to train with the famous Cung



  1. Cung Le is awesome. Good luck with muay thai.I don't take muay thai per se, but I do train it. I'm not taking muay thai classes anymore, I'm in a MMA club basically, and lots of times we work exclusively on striking/muay thai. We probably focus more on striking because most of us have more grappling experience so we try and balance the two out.

  2. I used to take Tae Kwon Do. My intructor was REALLY picky. I got up to a blue belt with a red tip before I quit. I hated side kicks.

  3. asian men = sex.