Thursday, June 2, 2005

Entry #105
At the beach George and I fought a war. As I am writing this I'm
covered in cuts and red marks, along with disjointed fingers and an
injured ankle.

Hmm, let me get some stuff out of the way first. The arcade was
awesome. We played Samurai Shodown (the best), Terminator 2, Metal
Slug 3, Virtua Fighter 4, and some awesome war game where you shoot
things. Then we went on this Haunted House walkthrough. I was hoping
for once I would get scared or something, just to see what it's like,
but no. We walked through a graveyard and all of a sudden a rubber
zombie pops out in front of us and starts screaming. George punched it
in the face. It probably died. The end.

Essentially senior beach day was all-day training for us. We started
out in the morning with a sprint to a group of rocky outcrops over in
the west. I won by a significant margin. After that we jogged over to
the pier and back. Everyone from our class was asking why we weren't
relaxing. A lot of them were smoking, too. This one guy, James, is
someone I thought of as a serious bodybuilder, but not only did he look
tiny, he was smoking with everyone.
George goes up to him: "James, what the hell is this."
Me: "James, if you drink and smoke you'll shrivel up and get weak."
James hangs his head down in shame: "Well, uhhh just something to do, ahh, for fun..."
George: "Well
James, we are disappointed in you guys. And pull up your pants for
God's sake or we'll have to send you home. Young delinquents."

Harsh, but they'll all thank us later.

We fought by a group of cliffs shrouded in fog. Was pretty
cool. Regrettably I am unable to give detailed reports of what
happened because I honestly remember nothing about it. I got kicked in
the head so that might be a contributing factor. It started out
with us on opposite sides of the beach and then charging towards one
another. That was awesome. We always do full-contact bare-knuckle, but
I do know that those were the hardest hits I've ever thrown. Actually
utilized combos, as well. One highlight I can remember was George
backfisting me and I countered it with hook after hook in his
side. I could feel his body crumple and he was yelling. His stand-out
part was when he side-kicked me directly in the head and I stumbled
forward. Fought pretty dizzy the rest of the round. I'm fighting too
much like a brute, taking shots and not bothering to dodge while
powering forward. Maybe it works, but there's probably a better way.
I've really developed a lot more power, maybe due to switching from
bodybuilding to powerlifting?

The first two rounds ended in a tie but the in the third
George hurt his shin on my elbow and he had to stop because he couldn't
stand properly. We ended there. We walked back to where our class was
hanging out, and this girl says "George, were you fighting Hormuz?" She was sunbathing. George replies "Yeah, what are you doing? Lying down and being lazy?" Everyone knows not to get offended at what George says, of course, because that's just how he is, and she laughs.
George: "Let's go practice some kicks, Taylor, you need to do something so you don't get fat."
Her: "Oh my gosh you called me fat?!"
George: "I said you'll get fat if you just lie around doing that all day."
When she gets up George tells her to kick as high as she can, and she goes "HAH you just want to see my underwear!!!"
George: "....... uh Taylor, shut up, now face to the side and kick. Just do it waist-high, if you want." She can't stop giggling so George goes "Okay we're done, you're a terrible student." She just giggles harder and we run away.

We had a one armed push-up contest afterwards but my thumb was
feeling demented after fighting and my knuckles were bloody. I could
only manage 15. George got 18.

Forgot to bring a camera to take pictures. But trust me, it ruled.


  1. never IMed me back last night, ugh... I now call you him. him himhim. lol sounds like fun yesterday. haha

  2. btw dont we owe eachother like 5000 more comments?

  3. Smoking=Stupid. Hopefully, a good dose of Cancer will learn them.