Sunday, May 22, 2005

Entry #98
Worked with heavier weights today. Squats = 225 pounds. Leg press = 600
pounds. I have to admit I made a lot of noise today. It was a Sunday
night and there wasn't anyone there, anyways. Leg day is the most
painful, I think; I couldn't help but shout a little. It helped me get
the weight up, though. I'm getting closer and closer to Fred "Dr.
Squat" Hatfield and his 1,014 pound squat. Just a matter of time. In
between sets I used the speedbag.

Yesterday I hung out with George but we didn't fight. We did see
Star Wars Ep 3 and after we practiced pull-ups for the pull-up
competition at school next week. Each got to 15. Will practice up more.
It probably isn't a good idea to enter a pull-up contest in the middle
of gaining weight but oh well. Just for fun.



  1. Damn man, nice. Nice numbers. Ha, Dr. Squat has an impressive squat man. You sure you're gonna beat it? I know anyone can beat ANY barriers man, only if you try though. Remember this, "Goals set witout commitments aren't goals, they are only wishes". Good luck with your fighting man. I really respect those UFC guy's man. Peace. -Spencer.

  2. Heh well it'll take a while to 1014 pounds but we'll see. Commitment is what I have, and looking at your page is what you have too. Thanks again

  3. You are insane. How is it humanly possible to lift that much weight?