Monday, May 16, 2005

Entry #95
Hah this was funny.

Rene: When you and George fight, do you do headshots?
Me: If we have gloves at the time, yeah.
Rene: What if I fought you with no gloves?
Me: That'd be awesome.
Rene: You'd really do it? What if I had you on the ground and I was beating your face?
Me: Then I'd get my face beat, haha.
But like, in sports I get crazy and I keep going. Like in football I go
"RAAAAARGHH YEAH" in the guy's face after tackle. And what if I kept
pounding and pounding your face?
Me: I'd tell you to punch harder, wimp.
Rene: Haha.

That would be cool to spar Rene. I think he's more a straight
bodybuilder, though, not a fighter. As for today, just did rounds of
shadow boxing. Gonna hit the chest exercises tomorrow at the gym.



  1. porn gives you brain cancer?!

  2. When people say "What if I did this" I usually say "I rip out your arm and beat the shit out of you with it"...

  3. show him that size doesnt always matter!!!

  4. Yeah it does, unless I'm confusing it with radiationAnd that's a good line, I'll have to practice it so I can properly back it up, thoughEbuk4, that's the spirit, you've learned well

  5. i had a good teacher, the names jr

  6. If size doesn't always matter, why are there weight classes in MMA? =P