Friday, May 13, 2005

Entry #91
Was suffering minor back-pains from deadlift day, and just when I
figured I was over it, it came back today. In PE we went swimming, and
I was flipping off the high dive when I wrenched my back in the air.
Could barely move after school, so I didn't go lifting. I tried the
punching bag but the impact caused excruciating pain in my trap
muscles, and I didn't want them to explode or anything. Just gonna
do shadow boxing and work on speed. Restarting the powerlifting program
as of Sunday because last week was messed up.
Tomorrow is prom,
I'm gonna spend the day boxing. Might go to the park and practice
pull-ups on this tree I know. I love my life.



  1. You can come to prom with me!! lol

  2. whoever you are, give this guy a massage ASAP; if you're lucky he'll let you touch his....pen0...I mean...biceps!