Thursday, May 12, 2005

Entry #90
I had a dream that I was doing incline bench pressing. Rep after rep of
benching. That's it. Then I woke up. Good way to start the day. Didn't
do weights; was sore from the dream (just kidding on
that one). 8 rounds on the bag. Knuckles are in pain right
now. Cut open my thumb as well, and this was all with gloves. I think I
need a heavier bag, though. Current one is 70 pounds and it swings
around too much.

Random, other good dreams I've had:
> I was Rambo and was killing wave after wave of enemies, and I died at the end.
I was getting beat up by two of my classmates who are on the wrestling
team and football team, one was holding me and the other was
punching, but I was fighting back.
> Missile was heading for me and my death was inevitable, so I punched it.

Ah, that put me in a good mood.