Friday, May 6, 2005

Entry #84
Cardio day, essentially. Played basketball four hours after
school. Managed to grab the rim three times. Afterwards we were fooling
around the courts and the kids asked me to teach them some boxing
stuff. Did a lot of exercises, actually. Also practiced kicks; I had
them sidekick me as hard as they could. Also did a goofy little
practice where one guy holds a marker, and pretends it's a knife, and
the other attempts to disarm him. If a mark is left on the arm, that
means they were stabbed, and they would be injured in a real situation,
so they lose. I managed to rush in and grab my opponent's arm,
twist it around, and begin the process of breaking it by the joint. The
verdict: I can't wait until I meet a knife-wielding thug on the
streets. Heh seriously, it was mostly just for fun, but I got some good
kicking practice in today through that. I managed to teach them some
discipline, too. The dance team was practicing next room in their
outfits, and all the guys would go by the door and watch through the
glass pane, and make whistling noises at them. I took this injured
kid's crutches, pointed it at them like a machine gun, and told them
"The Terminator doesn't look at girls. Neither should you." I
sure showed them.

Need to eat more. Been skipping meals all this week. I'm kind of a
perfectionist and I'm a lot more intent on getting all my meals in on
gym days; otherwise I tend to get lazy and skip some. It's like, either
go to the gym and eat a perfect 8 meals a day, or don't go to the gym
and slack off on eating. I need to stop that way of thinking.

May get to fight George tomorrow, depending on whether he's game or
not. We will see. Also, hopefully in summer without school there won't
be as many stories to tell so I won't go off-topic so much. But then
I'll probably be doing more stuff with George, and that'll make it

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  1. But then I'll probably be doing more stuff with George, and that'll make it worse...
    may god be with you lmao