Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Entry #83
Just to stray off-topic, which I do not like doing, but I feel is
necessary to so my head is more clear when I do train. Been distracted
at the gym before and it was a big waste of time in terms of
efficiency. I'd sit there and think about stuff before I realized that
6 minutes had gone by, when I was supposed to wait for only 1 minute.
So today George got a date to prom. Was the last day to purchase
tickets. Looks like I'm not going. Was actually feeling depressed and I
don't know why. Depression always means anger, mostly for me. I was mad
at George even. I was mad at everyone. I was mad at my locker, too; I
punched it, and made a huge dent in it. It looked awesome, like it was
a form of identification for me. Then I felt better. And then I
realized that punching makes me happier than going to prom would,
happier than anything would. So it's good now.


  1. buy a whore; they cost as much as prom tickets.
    You save money on tux, pictures, and save yourself the embarassment of putting up with so much shit just to get laid; bottom line is you can fuck a whore and punch her when its all over, therefore x2 the happiness with half the hassle...
    wrap it b4 you tap it!

    *joke comment of course, I mean you could punch your date too...*

  2. wow. um thats kinda...out there ^^

  3. One of these days, Joey, ONE OF THESE DAYS . . .

  4. so your saying you gonna buy a whore, then punch her lights out?

                  lmao alrighty.

  5. :o hey. Well thanks for the comment on the's supposed to be a counterstrike layout or something, lmao.