Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Entry #103
At school, George kicked a guy in the chest and sent him to the ground.
The guy was mocking him about being a "tough guy" or something like
that. I believe his exact words were "Ohhh you think you're so tough,
George? Some big tough guy? Oooooh what a macho-man nyeeeehhh", and
then George kicked him. The vice principal took him in his office and
said "So the other guy told me what you did to him, now let's hear YOUR
side of the story."
And George goes "Uh I kicked him in the chest."
the vice-principal laughed and told George his punishment is hard
labour of some sort. To which George replied "Whoa, cool." He invited
me to go, too. Should be fun.

Thursday is Senior Beach Day at school. We have to go to Santa Cruz
and hang out at the beach all day. George and I are going to take this
opportunity to train. Definitely expect a fight then.

Stay strong like Rambo

1 comment:

  1. you guys are fucking maso!
    fuckin awesome rambo pic, I can't believe I haven't seen the Rambo series yet...