Friday, May 27, 2005

Entry #101
Fight today at school. Was walking to my locker during lunch when all
of a sudden George comes out of nowhere and jump kicks me in the back.
I stumble forward and my backpack was flattened from the impact. This
can only mean war. I rush forward and smash my fist into his solar
plexus. We trade punch combinations and then he side-kicks me in the
chest and we both fall back. Then we go out to lunch.

In PE we were supposed to go swimming but I just sat with Rene on
the bleachers by the pool and talked about training. It turns out that
at the beginning of the school year he only weighed 150 pounds. Now
he's 195. Is he on steroids or something? Wow. We were bored so we
measured our arms and my biceps are 15 inches in diamater. His are
16. This could be a good way to record progress.

I went skateboarding a little after school and then practiced on the
heavy bag. Doing endurance training along with strength program. Did 40
consecutive push-ups. By the end of summer I must reach at least 80.

Not a bad Friday.


  1. on friday i did nothing lol slept in late and did nothing now my room is in a mess! working on more pictures lol.
    so nice that you and george get along well lol

  2. you got in a fight like that (even a play fight) and didn't get in trouble?! we'd get suspended at our school for doing that. You're nuts. But I still love you. <333333333

  3. Hah well it only lasted a few seconds. But most teachers are used to George by now. It's always up to me to teach him a lesson