Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Entry #100
Today at school George and I went to the front lawn to check out what
the Marines had set up. There was a giant helium-filled training course
along with a pull-up bar. Everyone was giggling and laughing and
jumping around on the training course, so we immediately went to the
bar. But we couldn't decide who should go first. We settled on a
punching contest: who ever punches the other in the stomach first wins.
We grabbed a random kid to be the judge, and at the count of five
we smashed our fists into each other. I won. George wanted two out of
three so we tried again and I won a second time. Thing is, we hadn't
settled on what that meant. So George just decided to go first. He got
to 14. When it was my turn the Marine told me if I get
to 20 he'll give me a shirt. I tried after and got to
15, but on one I didn't go down all the way so it got counted as 14. I
was kind of disappointed; I asked how many he could do and he said 20.
I held my fist at the Marine and told him I will come back next time
and destroy him in this. Then he shook my hand. I regret not taking any
pictures of this. Wasn't thinking of it at the time. But it was
awesome. Should have them over everyday.

One day I will be the strongest in the world.

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  1. just dont die lol. im scared of thoes tough guys. while dating me he could possably kill me by accident lmao.