Saturday, April 30, 2005

Entry #80
Yesterday was mostly cardio, unfortunately. Didn't help with gaining
weight, but I had fun nevertheless. Played basketball for 7 hours
after school. Was at school, not at the gym (so no giant Ryan to tackle

Fight is post-poned until tomorrow. Took the opportunity to practice
more. Flexibility is improving. Primarily worked on side-kicks. Have
the height down, but I need to work on speed and power more.


  1. nice kick!
    lol thanks for the comment, means alot during this time.

  2. that profile pic is hawt......*wipes forehead*

  3. Heh, I never get comments like those =PAnyway, your hands are kinda all over the place in the kick, and it doesn't look much like your ankle is solid. What part of the foot do you hit with?And you train before a fight? I usually give myself 3 days for R&R to be in top form.

  4. Haha thanks a lot
    Yeah I noticed that. I'm thinking "What is my hand doing up there?" You should have seen me in summer, though, I couldn't get my leg anywhere near that height. So I'm improving a little but I need lots of work. Thanks for that. I guess my foot connects at the heel.
    I actually like doing light training before a fight, I just feel out of it if I don't do anything for a few days. Mostly do shadow-boxing/kicking, less punching bag, so I don't have sore knuckles or anything.

  5. hehe I typically have little to no technique so when I wrestle dehydated and starved, I generally don't fare as well as I would at my natural weight. Yeah I'm sure you got a lot of critique on your kick last night so *shrugs*