Thursday, April 28, 2005

Entry #79
Mostly did boxing training today. Practiced combinations. I've realized
that in matches I give it my all in the first round, and after that I'm
tired. That's why I lost the fight with Marty in September. Well, and
my braces ripping up my mouth, but that's no excuse. I should try
wearing out the opponent for a few rounds, and not waste energy.
Afterwards, did 15 one-handed push-ups. But I can only get up to 8 on
my left arm. Improving faster than expected, however.

PE was hilarious today. The teacher brought out pogo-sticks,
hula-hoops, and jump-ropes. I just used the jump-rope at first, which
is something I should get for home-use to practice good footwork. After
a bit Rene brought out a medicine ball and we took turns throwing it as
hard as we could at each other, and the first person to drop it would
lose. Was pretty tiring, actually. We had a crowd around us after a
bit. No one lost, though.

Fight with George on Saturday. And possible throwdown next weekend.


  1. Fight with George on Saturday. And possible throwdown next weekend.Where?

  2. Joey (Breaker) was talking about organizing it, hasn't decided where or anything

  3. im awesome at jumprope, your looking at the jump rope champ. go me. lol
    good luck with your fight