Monday, April 25, 2005

Entry #78
Having trouble finding words to describe my feelings at the gym today. Best I can do is:


Did legs today. Squats hurt. Noticeable size increase in calves.

Saturday was pretty funny. George rang the doorbell, I opened the
door and say in my deepest voice "What the hell do you want." He
responds "I want you." Then he grabs my neck and pulls me out. I
upper-cut his chin and he comes back with a sidekick to the chest. I
counter it with a combination to his front and he does the same. I
catch him with a strong punch to the stomach that sends him reeling
back. Then we go inside and play videogames. The only way to greet a
friend, I say. More serious fight next week, I promise.


  1. LOLOLOL @ "I want you" Then he grabs my neck and pulls me out.

    sounds like pr0n!

  2. Leave it to you to think of that, lmao

  3. Whats with this pansy punching crap. I WANT BLOOD. NExt time he rings that doorbell, don't greet him, he's the enemy. Just pull out a knife, AND CUT 'EM IN TEH TCHROAT!!!

    Yeah, I guess I'll take my meds now...

  4. wow that was interesting lol. i never even thought of killing someone i greet at the door...huumm...just use windex.