Friday, April 22, 2005

Entry #77
Did shoulders today and I mixed everything up in order to encourage
more stress and growth. Entire upper body is sore. Tried super-sets on
abs for the first time. Managed to finish my N-Large in record time for
breakfast. Very difficult to finish that drink; with milk it has 1,000
calories. And I took that directly after breakfast.With it I plan on
getting to a lean 200lbs by summer vacation. But I think breakfast is
the hardest part, harder than lifting even. Breakfast today: 1 bowl of
Total cereal, 8 egg whites, 4 slices of wheat toast, fruit, 1 serving
of N-Large.

Reconsidering about not going to prom. George made it
sound kind of good. He said we don't have to do any dancing
or anything at all; we can go crazy on all the food, and spar
everynight. Fighting in a tux would be pretty cool. Eating tons of
food and fighting? Sounds like good training to me. We'll see.

Tomorrow should be another fight in the park with George. Veins are pumped already.


  1. you're going to go to prom, and see this girl, who is gorgeous and it is love at first sight. You move into kiss her when you realize this ravenous beauty was here all along...she was simply the school geek who hadn't had a chance to come out of her shell until now. You spend the night dancing and kissing, until prom is chika bom bom...

  2. lmao. yeah thats basicly everyones "dream" at prom. lmao