Thursday, April 21, 2005

Entry #76
Officially 175 pounds as of today, which is 15 pounds more than when I
last weighed myself months ago and 5 pounds more than I estimated when
people would ask. None of it is fat. Maybe not that impressive but I've
always been way too light for my liking so it's cool for me. Few
years ago I was 130; I hated that.

Didn't get to do any striking practice today. Good thing tomorrow is
Friday. Punching bag 'till midnight? Sounds good to me. Back to eating
8 large meals a day. Weightlifting was chest and triceps. I added more
super-sets to 1.) Up the intensity and 2.) allow me to get more work
done in a lesser amount of time, which in turn is also increasing
intensity. But are all these super-sets conductive to strength training
and martial arts? Routine is still changing. 

Show up at my house for midnight training session tomorrow. Yeah, I mean you.

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