Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Entry #73
Going to post my meal tomorrow so I can get a calorie count for the
day. Hope to have it around 5,000. I have also declined from going Los
Angeles to stay and train here. I didn't want to go to
Universal Studios anyways; I've been sore at them ever since last time
I went on their Jurassic Park ride and there was no T-Rex killing
something. This N-Large2 is working great. Adds a ton of calories. Hope
to gain a lot soon.



  1. yeah the T Rex is fucking ghey, but I've heard the Raptor blinded some bitch with real oil!

  2. Dude, take it from me, you'll regret missing out on life to train. Training is something you can do everyday. Life only happens once...

  3. That sounds cute right now, but when you're 40, do you really think you'll look back and say "I remember that time I did some push-ups" or will you say "I remember that time I missed out on the chance to have some fun with my friends because I wanted to train...boy I was an idiot"Again, training will always be there, and missing a day won't kill you. Friends won't always be there...

  4. Depends on how many push-ups you're talking about

  5. hes right. training can go one day.
    live a little.