Monday, April 11, 2005

Entry #72
Paid a visit to GNC and picked up a 10lb case of N-Large2 (chocolate
flavor!), multivitamin capsules, and flax seed oil. I should gain good
weight off this, but I'm still debating whether to take creatine or
not. My mom was freaking out thinking that I was buying steroids but I
explained what they were so it's good now.

"What is this!" she yells looking at the N-Large vat. "You bought
steroids?!" "No mom, it's just protein with a bunch of weight-gaining
stuff." "What about these!" she says looking at the vitamins. "These
are steroids!" "Those are just vitamins, read the ingredients." "Well
you're still overdoing it, we don't want to look disgusting and veiny
like Arnold now!" "Yes we do mom." Haha.

I did chest and triceps today and my arms are so sore that I
honestly feel any striking practice I do will just be detrimental in
the long run; my form and power would be terrible if I tried right now.
I instead took this opportunity to practice kicks. At the gym I kept
the session under an hour but with increased intensity with 1.) Shorter
rest time between sets and 2.) supersets for chest. Supersets =
torture. Love it.


  1. Apparently, Julian's (big mexican) mom doesn't want him to go to Thailand, so she called up my mom and Garrett's mom (were all going together) and wanted to arange a dinner or something to discuss our trip. Well, my mom couldn't go but was over it anyways, and she thinks that Garrett's mom is kinda looking at it from her point of view ("I don't really want you to go, but I know I can't stop you. Be carefull. Etc.") so I think we're in the clear. But yeah, moms can be sucky sometimes.
    Oh, and Julian and Devin (kid who can kick pretty good. I think he sparred George) want to get a boxing day together this weekend, but I can't do it unless it's on a sunday, and even then it's kind shaky, but if you're interested, let me know.