Thursday, April 7, 2005

Entry #69
I'm going to change my routine completely to include more supersets.
Also plan on going to Vitasport this weekend for some supplements.
Next week for spring break my dad and I are going to Los Angeles
to see some of his buddies. I'll have to find some way to train in the
hotel. I wonder if they'd allow me to hang my punching bag in the room?
I'll definitely bring my board and go skating by Huntington beach. I
found an interesting way to record my progress -- I tried on my
wristguards and elbow pads from a year ago and they wouldn't fit
my arms at all. I have to buy new ones if I want to go to a skatepark
but on the other hand it's pretty cool.


I secluded myself away from friends, away from girls, away from
pleasure; all that mattered was rippling muscle and torturous training.
Iron was all I knew.


  1. do for hotel room workouts

  2. Hah thanks for that
    And thanks Em, I'll check that out. As paranoid as it seems I don't think I could comfortably spend even just a few days without doing training

  3. so like its everyday? the same thing over n over? wow i couldnt even do that im too in love with everything not just one thing over..and overr. but i admire you! its awsome