Saturday, April 2, 2005

Entry #67
Fight today with George: took place at Vasona Park this time. Focused
on attacking more; I started off immediately with a side-kick which he
blocked but was nevertheless an improvement over previous efforts. Few
minutes into the match I dropped him because he got hit in the groin.
Sucked. I say I lost that one. After he recovered I attempted more
kicks only to get my shin destroyed. I had to stop after a bit because
of it.

Second round we decided to do all punches so I could lay off kicking
with my shin. I was dominating in this one; boxing is my specialty. I
took the offensive and kept coming forward absorbing everything he
threw, while pummeling him with my own and knocking him back. I
honestly didn't feel anything, until the very end when he knocked the
wind out of me with one in the stomach. Very disappointing to be
winning and then to go down with one punch because of laziness. If
anything this taught me to not get relaxed and let my guard down.

I need to condition my shins so I don't have to stop in the middle
of a fight because I can't stand. I'll be using them on the hard part
of my punching bag for the next week until the next match. Also tried
one-handed push-ups and I was able to do 11. Improvement over a few
weeks ago when I could only do 4.

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  1. pshht...atlease u can do 11 1 handed pushups. i cant even do 10 pushups regularly! lol